Friday, June 3, 2011

Review : Essie Smooth Trick Deep Conditioning Cuticle Oil

Price :

Where to buy :
Target, Walmart

After years of manicures (they cut my cuticles!) and nail biting (kicked that habit a while back...but still suffer the consequences), my cuticles are unfortunately destroyed! Recently I decided there was something I needed to about these unruly little monsters, so I decided to buy this "miracle product" everyone talked about. I had high hopes for this product especially since it's been raved about time and time again on youtube. I can't say it the amazing product everyone claims it is because it doesn't do the trick for me. 

I must say, the packaging is well designed. It has a pointed end, like that of a pen, that gets in the curves of your nails to deliver the most product to the cuticle area. Also, the formula is oily but not overly greasy, which is a plus in my opinion. Unfortunately, the "smooth trick" only lasts for about a half hour. The next day, my cuticles are back to looking less than desirable.

Overall, the idea is headed in the right direction but the formula just doesn't cut it for me. So again I'm in search for something that will actually work for my horrible cuticles.

Likes :
Packaging, not overly greasy

Dislikes :
Does not smooth my cuticles

Have you found your cuticle "miracle worker" ? Do tell!


  1. Try OPI Avoplex - you may have more luck with it.

  2. I use Mango Mend from Sally Beauty supply. I have the oil and the butter...both have completely turned my cuticles around. The butter goes a long, long way, tiniest dab will cover entire cuticle and nail. Great for dry elbows, too.