Thursday, May 26, 2011

Healthy Color-treated hair? Can it be?

Yes it true ladies. It can be achieved!

After years of color treating my hair, bleaching it, styling it, and hundreds of other damaging procedures I finally took heed to my stylist (also sister) advice. For years I heard "You really shouldn't color your hair after just two weeks of dying it! You're damaging it!" and "For goodness sakes, use a heat protectant on that hair!" The result of ignoring these wise words...flat, lifeless and in-need-of-much repair hair (rhyming not intended).

Finally I decided, enough is enough! I crawled back to my stylist for help. Thank goodness for her because I'd probably be bald by now if she hadn't come to my hair's rescue. With her help I now have the hair I've always wanted. It's not easy and it does take time and loads of patience but it's very well worth it.

I feel I must past this on to all the girls that have my same issue. So here is my NEW and IMPROVED healthy hair least some good steps to follow to start treating your hair like it deserves to be treated.

1) Stop washing your hair everyday!!!

Yes this sounds kind of gross, especially if you have oily hair like I do, but it is a must. Every time you shampoo your hair, you are striping it of vital nutrients you naturally produce. Nutrients that keep your hair healthy. I now wash my hair only twice a week with a gentle shampoo such as the Kerastase Reflections Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo. It's designed for color-treated hair and adds moisture and softness to your damaged tresses. I can not even being to tell you how much this alone improved the condition of my hair, after two weeks of using this product my hair stopped feeling straw-like and started to soften and feel like...well like hair again.

2) Condition, Condition, Condition!

This is a vital part of having healthy hair, especially after putting it through so many treatments and heat styling. I use 3 products for this purpose. Right after shampooing I use the Redken All Soft conditioner which is especially formulated for dry and brittle hair. I leave it for about 2 minutes while in the shower and then I wash it out. Results : I can actually comb my hair without it snagging or ripping my poor troubled locks.

*side note* : Just a little trick I learned from a past stylist, when drying your hair DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT rub with your towel. This can cause split ends and worsen the condition of your hair. Also, when combing your hair, start from the bottom. Sounds crazy but if you start brushing from your ends then work your way up to your roots then it will reduce the amount of snagging done by your brush.

3) Reduce your use of Heat Styling Instruments

Yes, I know...'tis difficult but it must be done! Note I said reduce not eliminate, this is because I know it's not reasonable for the modern beauty addict to completely let go of the precious curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons. First and whenever possible, I let my hair air dry for at least 10 minutes then style my hair with a curling iron and blow dryer. I limit my use of these products to 2 times a week...3 if absolutely necessary (date night with the hubby for example). When I do (and I can't emphasize this enough), I absolutely will use a heat protectant. My favorites are the Kerastase Nectar Thermique, the Chi Silk Infusion, and the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray. To keep my creation in place, I use the Victoria's Secret Hold Please Volume Shine Hairspray. It smells like cupcakes and perfume all wrapped up in one. It's amazing!

And there you have it girls. My little secret to manageable, healthy and down right beautiful hair! It can be achieved!

What are your secrets to lovely tresses?

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