Thursday, May 26, 2011

Winged eyeliner look - The tools you need

We've all seen it done a million times from the old hollywood starlets to every beauty guru on youtube, but to truly do it right you have to have the right "equipment" that work for you personally.

After a lot of research (hours upon hours of watching youtube winged eyeliner videos) and much practice I finally found what worked for me *insert children cheering*

Le Tools :

1. Pointed eyeliner brush
The first brush I ever used to try and create this look was a small eyeliner brush. I have a smaller lid so I found this helped me create a thinner and more precise winged look, although not the easiest to use. My favorite was the Sigma E05 brush.

*There is also a version of this pointed eyeliner brush by Sonia Kashuk which has a slight bend for easier use.
2. Angled eyeliner brush
This brush was a revelation for me. I could not believe I hadn't thought of this earlier! This was a lot easier for me to manage and made the "wing" part of the look a lot easier. I use the Sigma E65. 

3. Gel eyeliner
Along with the angled eyeliner this is my go-to product for the perfect winged look. This glides on very smooth and although it is more permanent than a pencil liner, it is easier to fix than a liquid liner. My personal favorite is the MAC Blacktrack Fluidline get liner.

4. Liquid Liner
I was too afraid to try this until waaaay later on in my journey to achieve the perfect winged liner look. I must say it does look amazing for a dramatic night out look or for a special occasion. All I have to say about this is practice practice practice! There is a little trick I learned from beauty guru Makeupgeek, if you make the winged liner a pencil liner then go over it with the liquid liner, you can achieve the look. I absolutely love the Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Liner because of the felt tip, making it easier to maneuver. 

5. Q-tip and makeup remover
My hero!!! This is especially useful when the "wing" has been applied too thickly. Just take a Q-tip with a little makeup remover and just sweep it slowly along the bottom of the wing and it fixes any little imperfections. 

6. Learn from the best
I have to admit, if it wasn't for youtube I would've never been able to achieve the coveted winged eyeliner. Here are a few of my favorite guru's. Thank you ladies!

Best advice : just have fun with it. Although you may feel like this at first: "When watching (video) : oh that looks easy. When trying : How did it end up near my eyebrows?" 
Don't give up! Just practice and have fun with it!

Beautycrush's Winged Eyeliner Tutorial :

Love this version of the look by Makeupbytiffanyd :

Back to the basics :

Have you tried this look?

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